27. Juni 2020 Aus Von Topbildung.jetzt

It’s happening right now. Don’t worry. It won’t hurt for a while.
And yet it’s coming at us with unimaginable force.
Or stop. It’s actually already there. Short and sharp.
More than reduced. #TikTokEducation.
The platform for short videos TikTok (1 billion users worldwide) currently shows that social media and learning can go together. Short videos, learning sequences, knowledge splinters directly to the users’ smartphones. Extremely fast implementation, lowest costs, users generate their own content. Quality control by the community – often very hard, but honest.
Global reach. Interaction with dream values.
(An animated mini-video via a DC motor reaches 152.4k Likes and has been shared 1341 times)

I am convinced that we also have to take new, additional paths in vocational orientation for school pupils.
More of the same solutions will not move us forward.

Meet them where they are – maybe even additionally on TikTok.

Photo: Of course, we will continue to go to schools in the future and inspire young people for apprenticeships in our industry and Dell Technologies locally.
It’s all about new, additional paths.
(Dell Technologies vocational orientation before corona/ covid 19 situation)

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